YULU E10 User Manual

The operating system of E10 is Android, so the operating style is the same as that of Android phones/tablets, except that the original car functions that come with various cars are different. For example, F150 has a OEM 360 camera, but the Ranger does not have a OEM 360 camera, ystem does not support features that your car does not have.

All the settings have been set by us before leaving the factory. It can be said to be plug-and-play. Unless you like to research, like to modify, or the car is special, do not change these settings.

Because restoring factory settings will clear the default settings and leave the settings unselected. This will affect the car's functions, so don't restore factory settings easily, at least wait until you are familiar with the basic operations.

Finally, except for the time difference, our after-sales customers are always online and you can contact us at any time, our service is always the best

The manual is based on the F150 as a template. Except for the car OEM functions difference, other settings are the same. If you have better suggestions, please contact us


yulu e10 manual


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