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T-style screen F150/F250. Car radio/Android

YULU Vehicle Parts


My Yulu replacement stereo system was an awesome and worthwhile purchase. It has added new life to my 2017 Ford F-150 (Lariat). I love getting into my truck and seeing my new larger screen. I love all the features the system comes with. My speakers sound louder and more crisp than ever before. I love being able to listen to my favorite YouTube videos while in my truck. I wish if my Yulu would automatically sync with my phone’s hotspot when I get into my truck. I have to manually sync it everytime. But overall, I love my new Yulu system!!! Thank you.

Jason d.

I bought the E 10 back in November 2022 and at first I was a little confused since I never had replaced a stero system before. But the customer service team was fantastic. When ever I had a question they got back to me within 24 hours. I've tried other systems but none of them did all my features. Like YULU. I HAVE A 2018 F 350 KING RANCH. With all the bells and whistles and YULU E 10 handles all of them. The one item that doesn't work is the zoom in reverse camera and the bed Camara. But the customer service rep YULU JAN has been on the case. She has the tech guys working on a fix for the programming. And she said they should have it shortly. IF I WERE TO RANK IT 1-5 FIVE BEING THE BEST. AS IT STANDS RIGHT NOW I WOULD GIVE IT A 4.9 BUT IF THEY CAN FIX MY TECH PROBLEMS IT WOULD BE A 5 PLUS. I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS YULU E 10 TO ANYONE LOOKING TO GE A HIGHLY MODERN UPGRADE STERO SYSTEM. 😉

Curtis S.

I am very happy with the E10 I bought, my car is a 2018 White F150 XLT, I also bought a front view camera and a DVR to expand the content of my car. I can think that you are a multinational company, because the response time difference of the customer service is quite obvious, but the customer service is very patient to answer my questions, which is what I feel very happy about. Of course my suggestion would be to maybe provide a user manual? I have noticed that your website and Youtube channel have many installation videos, which is really very worry-free. But maybe it would be better to have an installation manual handed out to the customer? All in all, I think it's a worthwhile buying experience

Sam B.

Very happy with purchase. The wiring took a bit to get sorted. I have a 2018 f150 4"screen that I didn't realize was sync 3 which required different connections. After the install,I had to email to request the ahd camera and harness to reuse the factory wiring. The factory camera was unusable. Once installed, rear camera is very good. It was more money than I wanted to spend but overall all it was worth it to get rid of the tiny screen and have wireless carplay.

Jeremy K.


Will this work with a 2020 f350?

Yes, but to use a dedicated wire harness, please contact us for a wire harness after purchase.

When opening doors or any other time the picture of the vehicle pops up. Can that be changed to a f250 or is it only an f150?

There is currently only one picture of the truck to choose from, and maybe other truck pictures will be added in the future, which can be achieved by upgrading the software.

I just installed itin my 2019 f250, radio works good but i cant hear the music while connected how can i fix that

Please follow the wiring diagram "D" to connect the audio box to the second socket of your audio host.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, technical support email:

What quality is this compared to Phoenix? seems to have decent specs but dont know much about this company

Advantages compared to phoenix:
1. The hardware configuration is higher, using 8-core CPU 1.8GHz and support 4G network.
2. Higher system version, Android 10.0.
3. Faster boot time, normally 3 seconds.
4. Build in CarPlay, you do not need to purchase for it.
5.More convenient, map + media + phone information + driving instrument + tire pressure + air conditioning integrated in the home page display.
6. Touch screen to open trunk from homepage.
7. Redesigned SYNC2/3 style UI to control ambient lights, seat massage, automatic parking. Ambient lighting increased from 7 to 32 colors.
8. Better control of your OEM 360 camera, it will automatically turn on/off according to driving gear/speed, you can make your own customized setting.
9. Add start-stop memory function, start-stop can always be turned off.
10. Support ALL formats front camera, and you can control it by driving gear/speed.
11. Retain your factory outlook if you use our special F-series camera.
PVG is a brand of YULU Automotive Inc., The company has a complete sales, warehouse and after-sales service system in California, USA. like Phoenix and Linkswell, our factory is also in China, it is a company specializing in Ford radio screens for 11 years. it has been supplying dedicated radio screens for F-Series, Everest, Ranger, Mondeo, Edge, Explorer, Mustang, Focus and other models to Ford car dealers in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Get a lot of good reviews from these sellers because good quality and functionality.

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