(Part 1) Complete Factory Reset Tutorial for YULU E10-System Recover

Explain in advance:

  • YULU E10 (All Android radio), although they are all based on Android system, it is different from android mobile phone. Because the mobile phone hardware is fixed, there is almost no need to control other external hardware, So it can be used immediately after restoring the factory settings.
  • The difference is that YULU E10 has an MCU (a program), responsible for data exchange between the host and the car, because there are a lot of different brands of cars, different functions, different configurations, different places of origin, there are a lot of factors affecting, so you also need to manually go to turn on the switches of the various functions, of course, provided that your car has this feature!,(We set the general settings before the factory settings, restoring the factory settings will clear these)
  • The reason why I say so much is that I hope you don’t restore factory settings at will. It is very likely that you will make mistakes by ignoring some details. Someone disconnected the power during the update process, but whatever happened, please contact us and we will tell you the solution

Step 1:Record the system version information.(Settings=>About=>System info)

This is a good habit, whether it is to restore the system, or upgrade the system, our engineers can find the update records

Step 2: Clear backuped APK (Settings=>Factory/123456=> Backup Apk=>Clear Backuped Apk)

It is better to clear the app backup, because the system has built-in the old version of the app . If you don't clear it, the app may not be able to open once factory settings are restored, or you may see two identical app (new version and old version).


Step 3:Start to restore factory settings, (Settings=>System=>Reset Factory/7890)

During the process of recovery, you may automatically black screen, reboot, but please do not disconnect the power supply.

yulu e10 restore factory

Step 4:After reboot (recovery success)

1. At this step, the system recovery is complete. The first prompt you see is whether you need to bind the homepage map. Not yet because you have not downloaded the map yet.
2. Next is the system settings part

homepage map bind


YULU E10 User Manual
YULU E10 User Manual

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