YULU E10 Factory Latest APPs Download

The factory software of YULU E10 includes two kinds of software,one is the built-in system app, these apps can't be deleted, and it will be downloaded automatically when networking to update the MCU.

Settings=>Factory(password: 123456)=>Select:

yulu e10 mcu update

18:Baoxunfeng is the car protocol made by us, So anyway, as long as it's our YULU E10, choose it.The following options according to the actual situation of your car model, one by one from top to bottom. If your e10 has connected to the Internet, the system will prompt you to update.In addition, if we send you a MCU patch, it is also excute here, so please remember here.

The second type is the car apps(included Carplay, TPMS,Voice,Weather). They are usually activated before leaving factory. Subsequent reinstallations or upgrades do not require an activation code. These apps can be deleted and will also be deleted when restoring factory settings. To reinstall, you need source apps, and then put them on the yulu e10 via USB or other methods. Just install it. If you are familiar with the android phone, the Android process is very simple.

yulu e10



In particular : the app of the DVR belongs to dash cam and it's integrated inside the DVR. different brands of DVR will have different apps.Our DVR cannot be used on other brands of screens, and other may not be able to be used on our e10, because they use different protocols.


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